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[IP] Life with diabetes (was: feeling sorry)


I have had diabetes for almost 19 years (June 19), so far with no
complications, although I think that may change with my opthamologist
appointment next Thursday.

I spent most of this time being very worried about diabetes killing me,
since I had been taught that it would, and had a really rotten quality of
life.  I had my pump for 12 out of my 18 years with diabetes at that time.
I am glad I did, because I am sure that my blood sugars were much better
than they had been on injections, but I don't know since I rarely did blood

I spent lots of time in therapy and actually was a crisis counsellor but
none of this helped.  I have come to a point where I am out of denial but I
do think that diabetes is a horrible disease.  I know it could be much
worse, and I have had lots of people minimize my efforts to stay healthy by
saying, at least it is not worse or it is ONLY diabetes.

Sure it could be worse and if that makes people with diabetes feel better,
then say it.  But diabetes is ENOUGH.  It sucks.  No one deserves it.  But
to hear people without diabetes say it really makes me mad.  To put it in a
hierarchy is to discount all the physical and emotional pain that people
endure.    It is an insidious disease that many ignorant people figure is
caused by eating too much and is cured by insulin.

I think to say that it is "only" diabetes is a way of making it seem
smaller and less threatening.  Well, it is big and it is very threatening.
But it is also possible to live with it and live with it well.  Figuring
out how to do that is hard and it has taken me almost 19 years to do just
that, which I now manage on most days, barring ignorant people, stupid
media coverage and those frustrating forays into the 400 mg range with no
explanations in sight.

My main point is this:  if someone says that diabetes is whatever, hell or
just a minor irritation, please respect their feelings and not tell them
they are wrong.   Personal opinions are important, since we all can benefit
from seeing how others deal with things, but to attack a person because
they say they are feeling down says way more about the attacker's state of
mind than the down person.   People are allowed to express their emotions
here, or at least I thought they were, without being judged for it.

who is very happy she wrote most of this last night, because she SO mad
that it is hard to type

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted


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