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Re: [IP] Site Prep or IV-Prep?

On  3 Jun 98 at 9:25, Bob Burnett wrote:

> The only product I've found by Smith and Nephew is called "IV-Prep", which
> seems like not much more than glorified alcohol wipes. There is a product
> called "Skin Prep", made by United, which sounds like a barrier film type
> of preparation, useful for protecting your skin from tape irritation.

I've used this product since I started pumping.  It leaves a sticky 
residue on your skin that improves adhesion.

> I'm a bit confused here about which product is currently being used by
> folks. I don't recall hearing anyone speak of IV-Prep before. I am
> interested in something that might help adhere the bases of Tender sets to
> my skin even during real hot, sweaty weather. The barrier film type of
> product is also interesting. The ideal would be a product that combines
> both qualities.

When I was having site problems I used one of the barrier gels from 
Hollister.  The problem there was that the tegaderm or other tape 
wouldn't stick for more than 24 hours - the barrier film separates 
quickly and doesn't allow good adhesion.

Since I started using Hibaclens all I do is use the IV-Prep after 
cleaning the site with the Hibaclens and the tape adheres very well 
and lasts for up to three days...

Randall Winchester

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