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Re: [IP] Re Feeling Sorry !!! Not me.


You said exactly what I think.  I sent in a post yesterday titled "my two
cents" regarding all this "poor me" stuff.  I am glad to see others feel like
I do.  I had mentioned that maybe I was looking at life with rose colored
glasses on but I don't think we are all doomed to a shortened life span or
that we will all get horrible complications.  I know we are entitled to
feelings of anger, depression, etc. but it isn't good to dwell on these
thoughts.  I plan to live to be a very old lady, just like a person without
diabetes.  I plan to not get complications and if they start to crop up I will
deal with them and seek treatment to stop them.  I have 2 beautiful children I
plan to see grow up, marry and have children of their own.

Any you know, if I am looking at life with rose colored glasses on, then so be
it.  I think I like it better this way than stewing in negative thoughts and
feelings.  Buddy, if you take hits for what you posted then I'm there to take
the hits right along with you my friend.  :-)

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