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Re: [IP] Feeling Sorry

Kasey wrote:
> The little girl I met can't talk, will never talk, can't walk,
> will never walk, can't do anything for herself except stare.

But this little girl's life is just as valuable and unique as Kayla's.
Who can say what happiness she may experience in her own private way? I
am sure she has brought happiness to her parents simply by being born. 

> I
> would bet a million bucks that her parents would gladly trade cerebal palsy
> for diabetes.

But they can't can they. To me it's a meaningless proposition.

I guess we all handle these "why me...", "what if...", "if only..."
questions in our own way. Perhaps I'm a bit different. I don't know. But
to me, my diabetes is a given fact. It's non-negotiable. It would be
nice not to have to pay the telephone bill, or clean the kitchen, or
work for a living, or have diabetes. But these things are all outside
our control. My life, however long or short it is, however healthy or
sick it is, has to built around these things as a starting point. We all
grow old. We all die. Diabetes or not. You don't have to have diabetes
to have a slow painful death.

I give thanks for my life just as it is. If I didn't have diabetes I
wouldn't be me. If I was taller or more handsome or richer I wouldn't be
me. My diabetes has shaped me, perhaps closed some doors, and yet opened
others. Whatever your religious beliefs, we are all on this earth for
only a short while, and we have to bring happiness to others and
ourselves using what we're given.

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