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Re: [IP] SureStep Recall?

In a message dated 98-06-05 16:36:53 EDT, you write:

<< Has anyone here heard anything about a recall of the Lifescan "SureStep"
 meter?  I head a rumor about it on the misc.health.diabetes newsgroup
 but nobody there knew anything for sure.


We have one of the SureStep's that was recalled.  I called LifeScan and the
problem is a minor one, so don't worry.  If you have a blood sugar over 500,
you may get an Er-1 message instead of HI.  Believe me, we've had a lot of
HI's (especially when Kayla was on steroids) and never got the Er-1 message.
If you do get the Er-1 message, look at the blue dot on the back of the strip.
If it's darker than the darkest blue on the strip bottle, you are HI.  

You should call LifeScan and see if you have a meter being recalled (not all
of them are).  

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