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Re: [IP] Re Feeling Sorry !!! Not me.

>    We all get to feeling sorry for ourselves. . . .  Even normal people
>from what I understand. The thing you have to think about here is the
>morning AFTER they have removed your leg, or the first morning you wake up
>and it is as dark as the inside of a cow and you realize you will NEVER  see
>another sunrise or the face of your brand new grandbaby. You want to feel at
>this time that you have done EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to defer this day. We
>are all weak. We all make mistakes, even when the stakes are very high. Life
>goes on. There will be two more "new diabetics" to replace every one of us
>that passes on. And we WILL pass on make no mistake about that. How will you
>feel just before the end? How long will you have to lie there and wish you
>had done a better job of controlling your bloodsugar?

Hey Buddy,

You articulated my point!  Thanks.  I am suprized that so many on this list
seem to believe that the trials of daily management are what people mean by
"suffering".  It's the  horrible suffering at the end stages of this
disease that makes it bad.  I agree with your attitude:  Vent but be happy
with what you got and live each day to the fullest!

Hopefully with new devices like pumps, modern insulins and carb couting;
very few current wil have the face the complications that most of us in the
current 20+ year club do.  I hope they never have to appreciate that fact.

Take care!

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

"Silence is a lie.  Silence has a loud voice.  It shouts, 'Nothing
important is happening -- don't worry.' So, when something important IS
going on, silence is a lie."  -A.M. Rosental

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