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In a message dated 98-06-05 12:56:46 EDT, you write:

<< Maybe you got over the realization that this sucks but there are
 people who have had diabetes 11 years
 for example me who have been in denial for 11 years and just now
 realizing life will be a little shorter and maybe a little more
 complicated..... Explain to my daughter how happy her daddy should be
 running the risks of going blind, even when taking care of himself. >>

Your daughter should just be told the realities of this disease AS WELL AS
that her daddy is taking care of himself and has a much, much better chance
of living a life of good quality! Daddy could also be running the risk of
dropping dead of a heart attack even though he eats perfectly, or running
the risk of dying of cancer even though he stays out of the sun, were he
"normal" and not diabetic. This disease can make you horribly angry, and the
anger does nothing to help you, and can actually HURT you in the long run,
through no other affect but in raising the resistance to insulin...

I know it's terribly upsetting sometimes, but as it's a 24-hour disease,
concentration on preventing things from happening, and then moving on with a
GOOD life is the key to happiness! 

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