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[IP] Another Newbie with questions

Hello to all. I wanted to announce my pump birthday-May 26th, 1998. So far,
it has been a challenge. I've had some lows which are my BIG fear. I'm a
little frustrated 'cause I expected that my CDE/endo clinic would be doing
things pretty much the "Pumping Insulin" way, but it seems their systems
are a little more hit and miss. I've told the two CDE's I've worked with
about this list and I know one of them checked it out. My primary nurse is
interested in revising their policies and  may use my case as a prototype.
The first week was pretty good, but the second week I have been
pre-menstrual and now menstrual and it has been hell. But my blood sugars
are already better than they were, I just got to get over these lows. They
(the hypos) have shaken my confidence a little. But I am so proud of myself
for just going for it.
Laurel, if you read this, I was feeling a weird depression thing for the
first week too. Better now.
Janine, if you read this, I have as yet to hear of a pumpers support group
around Seattle. Am actually thinking of trying to form one, want to drive
down for that?
Now some newbie questions:
1) Does one typically suspend the pump when BG drops?
2)Anybody out there manage OK with just carb counting and label reading, as
opposed to weighing? If so, any tips (ie: I know I read somewhere something
like "one serving is as much as you can hold in your hand" or something
doofy like that)
3)I was started on Velosulin. Anyone out there doing OK on it (I know
Humalog is all the rage, but I had never been on it, and we were worried
about more Hypos)? I would especially like to hear from anyone who was on H
and switched back to V.
Now, I hope this goes to insulin pumpers digest as opposed to the Pentagon
or something (my computer skills are at times uncanny).  Pumpazoid Cindy in

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