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[IP] no delivery alarms

I ended up changing everything this morning. Batteries, tubing, insulin,
and the infusion set again. I hated having to, but I awoke with a 260 bg
after going to bed with a 149.  Every thing is working fine now.  I
believe that the battery was the original culprit, and just to be on the
safe side I switched the canula, tubing, and insulin.  After a night of
not enough insulin I wasn't going to take any chances of anything that
might have developed after the first problem.
Yes, I do fill my syringe and always move the plunger around before
filling.  I checked to see if the insulin was moving through to the
connector first.  It was.  I checked the date I put the batteries in,
and it was May 2, so no battery alarm, but I changed them.  I have had
these batteries since I received my pump, in Aug of 1996.  They are in
the box of supplies that was sent with the pump.  I still have a card
left, should I get new batteries?  Do they have an expiration date
somewhere?  They don't get too warm or too cold since I keep the
supplies in a spare bedroom.  I will just keep better track of the time
I changed them last, since there is no alarm that will warm me they are
going out....or maybe that is my alarm, a no delivery.(G)  thanks for
the insights, Laurie B.
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