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Re: [IP] Feeling Sorry:Cancer vs IDM

Taking care of Cancer pts and having diabetes for the last 16 yrs, I can
guarantee you there are major differences.  On occasion, when a pt finds out I
am on a pump, their heart goes out to me.  They feel sorry for me!  Isn't that
incredible.  The major difference of course, is we know we have some control
over it, now with the pump, MDI's, etc.  When you're diagnosed with breast,
colon, or God help you, lung cancer, you know your future is going to be
difficult at best, doubtful at worst.  The so-called cure for these diseases
(no real cure, only treatments) is steadily improving, but they know that on
any given day they may hear the horrific words metastasis.  Then they start
all over again.  I've been treated for cervicle cancer twice with surgeries
and they've been successful for me, so far.  My diabetes is a pain in the you-
know-what, but I really don't want to wear anyone elses disease.  We all have
crosses to bear.  I'm used to my diabetes.  I don't like it....but it truly
could be worse.  And I've been in DKA in ICU 4 times and I'd still take this
one over some others.  Just my thoughts.
Judy P.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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