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RE: [IP] No delivery

Change the batteries!  I just had this happen to me a couple of days ago.
It would take 3 or 4 tries to take 4 units, even though I had plenty of
insulin left.  For some reason, it didn't give me a battery alarm, but I had
heard someone else say on this list that this sometimes happens.  So I
changed the battery yesterday and have had no problems since.

- Jodi

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	From: Laurie Brack Jeff Montgomery <email @ redacted>
	To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
	Date: Friday, June 05, 1998 2:15 AM
	Subject: [IP] No delivery

	>I've been having no delivery alarms today, everytime I bolus.  It
	>give me part of the bolus, and then start beeping.  I have received
	>after bolusing 3. and then rebolused the missing amt. and it would
	>fine for the other .8.  The next time I bolused for 3. and then I
	>1.6, I then had to rebolus twice to get the rest of the bolus.  I
	>receiving the basal as I am staying in the 130 bg range.  I ran a
	>on the meter, and all seems well.  I had one no delivery yesterday,
	>this morning I changed infusion site, all was well with breakfast.
	>not lunch or supper.  Tests are all great.   What is it?  Anyone
	>have this happen, and what did you do to correct it?  I have not
	>the insulin or tubing, since there is still enough for 3 more
	>normally change when it is going empty. Should I do this, or call
MM?  I
	>am using the silhouettes and H/V 5/1 .  Laurie B.
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