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Re: [IP] Not allowed to see an endo about a pump for 5 months

>Darrin (and anyone else)
>I know little about the Canadian health system, except that it sounds
>very like the British one in its inadequacies. The British one (NHS) is
>funded from direct taxation, so nobody pays insurance, or ever actually
>sees a bill. The result is universal cover for all, same low level of
>standard for all, and rationing by waiting list on a massive scale.

The systems are almost identical from what you describe :(.  Friends living
in Canada but who are form Scotland indicate that the UK system is somewhat
worse than Canada's but that Canada is closing the gap fast.  The big
difference is that Canadians pay more per capita for their govt healthcare
than any other people pay per capital for *total* healthcare.

Last year our neighbouring province of NB; had 178,000 fewer
hospital-patient-days than in 1996 and fewer doctors and nurses BUT had
spent $30,000,000 more in their hospital/healthcare system!  Similar stats
are avail for other jurisdictions.

>The 100 pounds ($160) I paid to see the private guy was certainly worth
>it to avoid a 5 month wait. I also found stepping outside my usual
>sphere of healthcare providers gave me great confidence to demand
>something from a doctor, rather than meekly ask for permission.

Unfortunately in Canada this is illegal.  People cannot "choose" to pay in
order to see who they wish for healthcare.  This is illegal 'cause it is
considered discrimination against those who cannot afford to pay for faster
or better healthcare.  The result is that those who do have the money go to
the US for their major medical care.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

"Silence is a lie.  Silence has a loud voice.  It shouts, 'Nothing
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