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[IP] re: insurance woes


I just worked out the math on the QR sets vs. the "no-release" ones plus the
plastic showering bags.  Your insurance company's logic is false.  You can
present this to them:

According to MiniMed's price list:

per set cost of QR sof-sets:		9.58
per set cost of reg. sof-sets:		7.29
price of each "shower-pak" bag:	  .63

Assuming that each infusion set lasts 3 days, and the user showers once a day,
the total cost of using the regular sof-sets with the plastic bags is $9.18
for 3 days.  This is a difference of 40 cents compared with the QR's.  Or,
about 13 cents a day!  Trivial!!  Of course, Lily may shower more than once a
day, since she is so active, in which case, it would actually cost MORE to use
the regular sof-sets!!

Good luck with your fight!

Mary Jean
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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