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Re: [IP] No delivery

> I have had trouble with
> receiving only part of a bolus. Talked to tech rep who advised that
> sometimes the infusion set will shrink and then the insulin does not flow
> well. If this happens you should probably change your infusion
> set.

Make sure to rotate and push in/out the plunger on the pump syringe 
to spread the lubricant prior to filling with insulin. Sometimes the 
syringes get a little dry or the lubricant is not evenly distributed. 
This causes the syringe to stick and the pump feels extran 
resistance and thinks there is an occlusion in the infusion path. 
Thus a no-delivery alarm. You could also have a partial blockage or 
kink in the canula this would produce back pressure, causing the 
alarm, but would allow the insulin through slowly.

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