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Re: [IP] Feeling Sorry

In a message dated 98-06-05 00:54:59 EDT, you write:

<< One thing to consider is that the only reason Cancer and AIDs may be
 considered "worse" than diabetes is that they can kill you more quickly.
 otherwise I don't see much of a difference.  Advanced multiple
 complications of Diabetes is just as bad as any other disease excpt death
 isn;t as quick and as the DCC showed; *excellent* control will only reduce
 the frequency of complications by an average of about 60%.  Not 100% or
 even 90%.

Last night I met a little girl (3yo) with cerebal palsy.  I couldn't help but
think, "Thank God Kayla only has diabetes."  At least Kayla can function by
herself (with minimal help from me) and will hopefully live a long, mostly-
healthy life.  The little girl I met can't talk, will never talk, can't walk,
will never walk, can't do anything for herself except stare.  My heart just
reached out to that girl and her family.  Kayla was 3 when she was DX'd and
I've always felt so bad that she was so young to deal with such a heavy
burden.  But seeing that little girl last night just reaffirmed my belief that
no matter how badly diabetes hits us, there are far worse lots in life.  I
would bet a million bucks that her parents would gladly trade cerebal palsy
for diabetes.

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