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Re: [IP] Not allowed to see an endo about a pump for 5 months

Darrin (and anyone else)

I know little about the Canadian health system, except that it sounds
very like the British one in its inadequacies. The British one (NHS) is
funded from direct taxation, so nobody pays insurance, or ever actually
sees a bill. The result is universal cover for all, same low level of
standard for all, and rationing by waiting list on a massive scale.

Having done my own pump research, I decided this was my final best
chance of leading a vaguely normal happy and healthy life with this
wretched disease. I knew the NHS was a non-starter for pumps (like your
recent endo). I got the name of a private diabetes specialist in London,
got an appointment for the next day, told him I wanted an insulin pump.
He said he knew nothing about them. I said that was fine by me, because
I knew a lot about them (of course, he had no access to the internet...)
And that was that. I started on the pump. The rest is history. My NHS
endo has subsequently taken great interest in me.

The 100 pounds ($160) I paid to see the private guy was certainly worth
it to avoid a 5 month wait. I also found stepping outside my usual
sphere of healthcare providers gave me great confidence to demand
something from a doctor, rather than meekly ask for permission.

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