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[IP] No delivery

I've been having no delivery alarms today, everytime I bolus.  It will
give me part of the bolus, and then start beeping.  I have received 2.2
after bolusing 3. and then rebolused the missing amt. and it would work
fine for the other .8.  The next time I bolused for 3. and then I got
1.6, I then had to rebolus twice to get the rest of the bolus.  I am
receiving the basal as I am staying in the 130 bg range.  I ran a test
on the meter, and all seems well.  I had one no delivery yesterday, and
this morning I changed infusion site, all was well with breakfast.  But
not lunch or supper.  Tests are all great.   What is it?  Anyone else
have this happen, and what did you do to correct it?  I have not changed
the insulin or tubing, since there is still enough for 3 more days...I
normally change when it is going empty. Should I do this, or call MM?  I
am using the silhouettes and H/V 5/1 .  Laurie B.
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