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Re: [IP] Not allowed to see an endo about a pump for 5 months

>Are endos the only ones who prescribe pumps where you live? My primary care
>physician (who is not an endo) is the one who advocated for me. As a matter
>of fact, the only endo I've ever seen was one year after starting on the pump.
>I mention this not to downplay the role of endos, but to expand the scope
>of docs who might work with you. I think if you have the proper
>documentation and historical data, it should not matter a whole lot *who*
>presents it to the insurers. The important thing is finding an advocate who
>believes in you.

Another great suggestion!  Thanks a lot!  I doubt if my own GP will rec one
- he didn't even realize a 24 hour basal was necesary until I started
taking two injections of UL per day on my own!  I'll give it a try and keep

So you got "honked off" by the endo not wanting to see anyone on a pump?
Hehehe.  Me too.  This guy is by far the best endo I've ever seen and he
wasn't very supportive of me carb counting instead of using an old
fashioned meal plan.

I guess we're back to the old thread about docs not wanting their patients
to do any research on their own!

Thanks again.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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