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Re: [IP] Not allowed to see an endo about a pump for 5 months

>My only advice on seeing an endo faster, short of moving and then waiting 3
>months ;'), is to ask if they have a cancellation list.  I do this and
>usually get in at least 1-2 months faster.  Once I got in the day I called,
>the day after my referral.  It might interfere with work or your schedule
>one day, but it is worth it to get this show on the road!  Or you can phone
>them and explain your blood sugars and the horrible morning highs (and some
>lows - this worries them more it seems) and maybe they will let you in
>faster.  I sometimes think that initial wait is just to make everyone think
>they are so busy, yet once you have seen the endo suddenly you can come
>back in a week or two.

Thanks for the great suggestion!  I'll ck into teh cancellation list as
well.  I often wonder if I gave up on control and got put in the hospital
if I'd get any more satisfaction.  (Of course once in the hospital they
could do far worse things to me than I could ever dream up on my own)! ;-/


Darrin Parker
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