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[IP] Joslin 'gold-key'

     John and others who have passed the "Gold-key" number (or are close 
     enough to it to be thinking about it)
     Anyone on the list have any idea of what proof one needs for a Joslin 
     Gold-Key?? I would project that the VAST VAST majority of us will all 
     reach this stage sometime within the next fifty years (I've got 13+ 
     left, so I'm starting to wonder..)
     What proof is needed to show 50 years of diabetes.  I imagine that 
     knowing how to perform a clinitest test may be proof enough in 10 or 
     12 years but I cannot be on that (or how about knowledge of U40 
     Did the fifty club ever produce ANY valuable results (other than the 
     pretty silver necklace key they send)?
     Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi
     email @ redacted
                Just remember: G-d made some of us EXTRA Sweet!!!
        Them other guys have to WORK to be as sweet as we is naturally!

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