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[IP] Re: Fizzies !!!

I remember more than once dissolving a Fizzies tablet on my tongue on a bet
- - not pleasant. I definitely never tried that with a Clinitest tablet ;-)
I agree though - meters are the best thing to come along so far (besides
    I too remember the days of Fizzies! I too at that same time was using
the Clinitest kit to test the drippings and read the clear blue to burnt
orange and brown for 4+ sugars. I am very proud no body was ignorant enough
to do a clinitest tablet on their tongue as I remember they had several
pictures of the old skull and crossbones on the foil wrapper! Would generate
a lot of heat during the process. I had a couple of nieces at the time and
my mother would come behind me to make sure I didn't leave anything that the
babies could ingest from the tests.
    Humm. . . . . that seems like a "lifetime" ago. On second thought I
guess it was. Thirty-nine years now. Praise the Lord for modern technology!

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