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Re: [IP] why why why

     I know EXACTLY what you are going through!!! (unfortunately)  Prior to
going on the pump I had numerous amounts of laser surgery on both the left and
right eyes, for sever retinopathy. Unfortunately my left eye became worse and
I had to have a vitrectomy.  This was just 5 months ago.  Than I went in for
an eye exam, and find out i have a huge hemmorhage in my right eye as well as
leaking into the macula... in both eyes which only means more laser!  Once a
week for the next week, and they can only hope that something won't hemmrhage
or I won't have to have a vitrectomy in my right eye.  I think that I
convinced myself that going on the pump would mean nothing would go
wrong...and that just isn't true.  I know it's really hard to be happy when
you have a pool of blood blocking your vision, but there are people who know
what you are going through...and it makes it a lot easier when someone
actually has experienced the same things as you. Keep your chin up...
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