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Re: [IP] why why why

Hi Sara,

I am very sorry to hear that all the hard work you have been doing is not
helping with the bleeds.  Having seen your log book, the most detailed book
I have seen in a long time, I know that you are doing your very best.  It
is truly unfair that outcomes are not causally linked to input with
diabetes when it comes to complications.

This disease is a hard one and the pump is just a machine.  Hopefully it
can help but it is not a cure by any stretch of the imagination.  Sometimes
it feels like everything will be okay, and then something happens and I
remember that diabetes is hell.  But it was worse hell for me before the
pump and I am glad to have any help I can get.

I know there is nothing I can say that will help, or help enough, because
when I feel like you do, I just hate everything and want to destroy things.
Before I got into better control, I hated myself and got suicidal.  You
hang in there girl, because I know you can and hell, what choice do you
have?  (And you wonder why I quit being a therapist?)  Talking about how
hard diabetes can be is so important and you have a great sense of humor,
which helps a lot.

If I had known that head-board banging sex was an option, I might have lent
you John while we were there  8')  (Where ever he is right now, he's
wondering why he is blushing)


Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted


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