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[IP] Vicki & Becky (was To the newbie pumpers...)

Vicki & Becky:

Thanks for your posts.  They were just what I needed to hear.  I've been
pumping for just 3 weeks and have been getting very frustrated because
things are not yet ironed out.  I was definitely beginning to wonder if
they *ever* would.  And, while I understand that not everyone on the pump
is able to get things to "click" like you two have, you two do hold out
hope to me that I may be able to--and that, if I'm not, at least I can
expect things to settle down some more over time.

That's just about what my endo told me today, but it sould even more
convincing coming from people who are actually pumping!

--Laurel (pumping with MM 507 since 5/15/98)

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