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[IP] why why why

Some one please tell me again why we bother to even try to take good 
care of ourselves...I keep forgetting...especially when my F***ING eye 
bleeds again.  I have been doing logs, charting and measuring, and I 
haven't had headboard banging sex or any other rigorous exercise in over 
a year.  I was just sitting here, minding my own business, when BAM - 
my worst bleed yet!  and this AFTER a solid month of diligent charting and
logging, testing 10 times a day and staying on my diet and walking every 
day and not lifting anything heavy.

I had errands to do today, and my GOD what a trauma!  not only are tehyre
uneven sidewalks, unruly crowds, badly lit menu boards, small print on the
USPS forms and on the deposit slips at the bank, but the damn sun was shining
real bright!  Then I literally almost ran into a man with a white cane coming
out of the Fox TV building - it was so sad. it made me burst into tears, and
then I really couldn't see.  

Don't be fooled folks.  The pump will NOT prevent complications, it will 
NOT make all parts of your life easier, it will NOT make having good control
the answer to ANY problem.  and to top it off, even if you are diong
everything you are supposed to, you still live under the shadow of the

F***&(*D(**&*&%$#@$ disease

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