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Re: [IP] Clinitest

At 14:21 6/4/98 -0400, Yerachmiel wrote:
>     And for those of you who remember:
>     Does anyone remember the words to the 'sugar blues' song which somehow 
>     had something to do with the clinitest 'Negative' colour??


>     ALSO: Does anyone still have a Clinitest set??  I remember YEARS of 
>     using clinitest and having to get either my parents or siblings to 
>     read them for me (colour and I don't get along at all).

I remember burning my fingers way too many times on the test tube...

I may still have mine somewhere, but I doubt I still have any Clinitest tabs.

Somebody ought to start up a museum to collect representative samples of
all the fossilized paraphernalia we've used over the years.  I could
probably dig up a few old Gelco syringes too (one of the first
disposables).  I think I also have an original box (of 10) of the first
Monojects (the ones packaged in the indestructible plastic sleeves with 2"
needle sheaths).

(Or as Grandpa would say (in a very hoarse voice), "Syringes?? In my day,
we didn't even HAVE syringes...we had to poke a hole in our stomachs with a
sharp stick and pour in pig-pancreas juice..."  ;-)


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