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Re: [IP] Not allowed to see an endo about a pump for 5 months


Are endos the only ones who prescribe pumps where you live? My primary care
physician (who is not an endo) is the one who advocated for me. As a matter
of fact, the only endo I've ever seen was one year after starting on the pump.

I mention this not to downplay the role of endos, but to expand the scope
of docs who might work with you. I think if you have the proper
documentation and historical data, it should not matter a whole lot *who*
presents it to the insurers. The important thing is finding an advocate who
believes in you.

>As some may recall; I've been researching pumps on the net for a year and
>have been Type I for 25 years.  Upon going to my local endo last month to
>get a RX for a pump trial; he refused and told me pupms are "on their way
>out as the medical commmunity is trying to get all pumpers back on MDI".

I think what is probably "on the way out" are medical professionals who are
not willing to participate in intelligent, persuasive discussions with
knowledgeable patients (don't mean to start another long thread on this
one, but hearing this really honks me off).


>The only reaosn I wanted to try a pump, at least for a few months, was to
>avoid wondering in the future whether there had been any way to achieve
>better control!  Starting to look like I'll never know.

Is it possible that your doctors mis interpreted your desire to
"experiment" with a pump for a few months as a lack of dedication and
commitment on your part to this form of therapy? That could make it
difficult for you, if they are not strong pump advocates to begin with.

Bob Burnett

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