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Re: [IP] Not allowed to see an endo about a pump for 5 months

Hi Darrin,

Yes, I have had to wait for 5 months to see an endo.  I find that it is
usually at least 3 months unless diabetes control is severe, then an ER
referral is usually much faster.  Unfortunately, I think it is a side
effect of our wonderful medical system beginning to disintegrate.  And the
person referring might not be too keen on you getting more info.  The fact
that there is one pump endo means he/she might be really busy.  I have had
my pump for 13 years and am appalled by the lack of pro-pump doctors.

I lived in Victoria, BC, when I went on the pump and I eventually worked my
way through every endo in town, searching for someone who could make me
take blood sugars.  All were pro pump.  Now I live in Vancouver, a much
larger city, and do not have an endo because even the ones MiniMed
suggested aren't that big on pumps or believe in one basal rate, which has
been proven not to work on me.  So I am on my own, which is fine most of
the time.

My only advice on seeing an endo faster, short of moving and then waiting 3
months ;'), is to ask if they have a cancellation list.  I do this and
usually get in at least 1-2 months faster.  Once I got in the day I called,
the day after my referral.  It might interfere with work or your schedule
one day, but it is worth it to get this show on the road!  Or you can phone
them and explain your blood sugars and the horrible morning highs (and some
lows - this worries them more it seems) and maybe they will let you in
faster.  I sometimes think that initial wait is just to make everyone think
they are so busy, yet once you have seen the endo suddenly you can come
back in a week or two.

All in all, it really sucks!  I hope that something changes fast, because
having to wait so long is negligence on the part of the various doctors, in
my opinion.  Good luck!!


Darrin Parker wrote:

>I got a call today for an apt.  It's in October!  I asked in early May!  I
>beleive they're just trying to discourage me from pursuing this crazy idea.
>Anyone else have to wait 5 months to see an endo for a simple fact-finding


Vancouver, BC, Canada
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