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Re: [IP] To the newbie pumpers...

Hi Vicki-

I think started on my pump around the same day you did.  An now after 3
months things are really starting to click.  I moved from 2 basal rates
to 4 and have made some minor adjustments with my boluses.  Things are
going really smooth now.  I'm soooooooooo happy to no longer experience
those YUCKY night time lows.  It took a little time to iron out the
wrinkles, but it's worth it, that's for sure!!

Becky D.

Vicki Parker McDonald wrote:
> I've been pumping for 3 months today.  And for the first six weeks, I
> thought I would be one of those rare people who never got this down
> right.  In the last two weeks, my basals have worked out perfectly, my
> carb to insulin ratio has finally (seemed) to be set, and I'm not riding
> the roller coaster of REALLY low to 200 several tijmes each day.  So,
> the message is:  It sometimes takes a while to work it all out, and whne
> it does it's fantastic.

Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted

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