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Re: [IP] Fwd: first day pumping

>Needless to say, my respect for the MiniMed pump has greatly diminished.  All
>we were doing was riding in a car.  What in the world could have caused a
>static charge that completely wiped out the pump?!  And if it wasn't static,
>still, the fact that the pump just STOPPED, and on the 2nd day of use,
>frightens me.
>Anyway, we took the batteries out for a while, put them back in and the pump
>is working fine now.  Just one more wrinkle to iron out!  If this ever happens
>again, I'm going with the Disetronic!!

In my short 33 years on this planet I have yet to hear of mechanical device
which eventually does not unexpectedly fail.  This is why I am a firm
believer in having two pumps.  (Even though I don't even have one yet). ;-/

Darrin Parker
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