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Re: [IP] Site Prep or IV-Prep?


I have heard of a Smith Nephew product called Skin Prep.  I got some
with my Disetronic pump, but I didn't use it.  
I use a 3M product called No Sting Barrier Film and I like it alot.  I
haven't had many problems with set adhesion despite swimming regularly.


<<<Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 09:25:32 -0400
From: Bob Burnett <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Site Prep or IV-Prep?


Someone recently mentioned using something called "Site Prep" for
to keep tape and cannula bases stuck to the skin. This person said it's
manufactured by Smith Nephew. I lost the original message.

The only product I've found by Smith and Nephew is called "IV-Prep",
seems like not much more than glorified alcohol wipes. There is a
called "Skin Prep", made by United, which sounds like a barrier film
of preparation, useful for protecting your skin from tape irritation.

I'm a bit confused here about which product is currently being used by
folks. I don't recall hearing anyone speak of IV-Prep before. I am
interested in something that might help adhere the bases of Tender sets
my skin even during real hot, sweaty weather. The barrier film type of
product is also interesting. The ideal would be a product that combines
both qualities.

I've never used anything extra for my sets, so this is the first time
had to think about this.

Bob Burnett>>>
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