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[IP] Fwd: first day pumping

Not sure if this went through the first time due to the mail problems.

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Kayla's first day pumping was SOOOOO boring!!  She was cooped up in a hospital
bed, so what did I expect?  But things got more involved today, our second
day.  We were driving home from the hospital and had about an hours drive
left, when the pump started screaming this really obnoxious, non-stop squeal
(MM506).  Pulled off the road, called MM told them what happened and they had
no clue what the problem was.  The screen was frozen at 3:29pm and showed no
error messages.  They had to consult with someone and call me back.

Got home, now three hours off the pump have passed, blood sugars are creeping
toward 200, and I'm trying to find a way to tell Kayla that we'll probably
have to do injections again for a short while.  I knew that would go over like
a lead balloon!!  MM called back and said the pump must have gotten a static
charge.  Told me to remove the batteries for a few hours and then see what
happened, and they would overnight me another pump.

Needless to say, my respect for the MiniMed pump has greatly diminished.  All
we were doing was riding in a car.  What in the world could have caused a
static charge that completely wiped out the pump?!  And if it wasn't static,
still, the fact that the pump just STOPPED, and on the 2nd day of use,
frightens me.

Anyway, we took the batteries out for a while, put them back in and the pump
is working fine now.  Just one more wrinkle to iron out!  If this ever happens
again, I'm going with the Disetronic!!


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