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RE: [IP] FastTake reading lower than Profile

> Was the Fast Take consistently in the same range, though it
> was different than the Profile?

Right.  This is the important question.  No two meters are going to give you
the exact same readings.  What you want is a meter that's consistent with
itself so that you can use it as a GUIDELINE.  If I have a meter that says
"80" when I'm low, that's acceptable as long as it's consistent on that...

> Meters are still far more accurate than visual test strips
> / TesTape and they beat the heck out of
> Clinitest tablets (o.k., who remembers Fizzies????)

I DO!  Actually, I remember my mom dealing with them.  I remember how
excited we all were then the diastix came out...

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"All I ever hear anymore is 'no'.  And she won't let me buy electronics
either." -- H Scott Matthews, on me buying a DVD player vs. his getting

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