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Re: [IP] FastTake reading lower than Profile

At 12:35 PM 6/3/98 -0400, Ellen wrote:

>After running the control solutions on each machine etc, and determining that
>everything was falling within range, we still got lower readings on the
>FastTake then on the Profile 8/9 times.

Was the Fast Take consistently in the same range, though it was different
than the Profile?

I've had many meters over the years. It was / is always tempting to compare
the "new" meter with the "old reliable" model that has been serving you
well for awhile. Even though I know better, I still do this on occasion.

Vendors warn you not to compare meters against other brands, other models
or even against the same brand and model as the one you're using, since
there will always be variation among them. This is the subject of endless
debate. The same drop of blood applied to two different test strips is
likely to give you different readings. Drops of blood taken from different
fingers is liable to give different results. It seems a bit whacky. I've
always tried to accept the fact that meters are simply tools that are
subject to variation.

However ....... if I am basing my diabetes management decisions on my meter
readings, I really want a meter to be consistent. I need this one, single
meter to always give me results within a predicted range of values. If the
results vary widely and I bolus when I shouldn't need to, or I adjust my
basal rates based on erroneous info, then the tool hasn't served me well.

It's frustrating. There is no single best answer as far as I've ever heard.
I'm just glad that my meters are portable. I hated having to plug my first
one in to the wall each time I used it ;-) Meters are still far more
accurate than visual test strips / TesTape and they beat the heck out of
Clinitest tablets (o.k., who remembers Fizzies????)

Bob (yes, I've been a meter junkie for years, but admitting my problem helps 
me control it ) Burnett

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