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Re: [IP] JDF Conference

Good luck in Washington. Please let Congress know how much we would like to
see more done to help Diabetics to get better health insurance to help pay
for pump supplies. I am a SC State Employee and thankfully my insurance does
pay for 85 per cent of my supplies but it would be nice to get a supplement
that did not cost an arm and a leg to pay for the remaining 15 per cent.
Also see if you can find out about a monitor that may be able to be used
with pumps as an alarm to let you know what your BS are and when your BS is
dropping too fast.  Thanks so much. My Email address is email @ redacted I
live in
Florence SC.
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Date: Wednesday, June 03, 1998 10:37 AM
Subject: [IP] JDF Conference

>...Just wanted to let you all know that my husband and I are leaving today
>the annual JDF conference in Washington DC...Tomorrow we'll be on Capitol
>Hill, meeting with Congressmen regarding diabetes research funding, and
>and Saturday we'll be attending workshops about fund-raising & research
>updates...There will also be exhibitors displaying their "wares" this
>afternoon, so hopefully I'll have LOTS of exciting information to report
>when we get home on Sunday....And tonight, we have the honor of accepting
>friends' award for being THE #1 FAMILY TEAM IN THE USA for the JDF WALK
>year (they raised an amazing $50,000)...And since my own child's kidney
>improvement mirrors the findings of a JDF-sponsored "diabetic nephropathy
>children" research study at McGill University, you better believe those
>research dollars mean A LOT to our family!!!.....
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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