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[IP] A 'gross' of pumps (even I ain't had that many of them yet)!

     I am sure by the time I write this at least a dozen others will have 
     said similar.
     I'm probably the 'old old man' on the list in terms of pump usage: I 
     started pumping 18 years ago (next week) with a machine about the size 
     of a cassette recorder.  That wonderful device had ONE basal rate 
     which a person had to ADJUST by diluting insulin (and guess what that 
     did to bolus shots).
     In time they developed pumps with ability to deliver more than one 
     basal from straight U100 insulin.  They've also developed a number of 
     catheters that make the original sets look downright painful (which 
     they were in comparison)
     ALL THAT SAID:  I wouldn't switch back to syringes NOW, I wouldn't 
     have switched back 10 years ago and I wouldn't have done it a month 
     after starting therapy.  
     The benefits from pumping, besides the freedom to travel without 
     bottles of insulin and syringes and looking for 'hiding places' to 
     take shots in, are far too numerous.  I also go from VERY sedentary to 
     VERY ACTIVE, have three kids who are always on the go, and go through 
     mood swings (which I beleive are related to sugar control but no firm 
     proof: need Minimeds new 3 minute monitor to check this out fully).
     Nanette (Chana) Freedman wrote:
     > Currently the idea of a pump grosses me out somewhat; I feel I have 
     > barely had time to get used to injections.  One longterm diabetic 
     > friend > who is a physician commented that it was very early days to 
     > contemplate the pump - I'd like to know if that is a common 
     > perception, and why.  My gut feeling is that a lot of the variation 
     > I experience is because I am a person with very varying levels of 
     > energy and activity and fast mood swings - if that is the chief 
     > source of variation, then I don't really understand how a pump can > 
     help me.

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