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Bra Pouch (was Re: [IP] Improve the 507 ??????)

Hi Janet,

I haven't tried the bra pouch, just heard about it.  I have a friend
that uses a garter (the elastic kind -- like a bride's garter) and clips
her pump to it when she wears a dress.  My own best solution is ... I
don't do dresses if I can possibly avoid it!!!

<< Where exactly do you put the pump so that it doesn't show? I assume
tried this and it works for you?

Mostly I haven't pursued the bra option because I like having the pump
accessible. I generally keep it clipped to my belt. But when I dress up,
the moment, I'm stuck putting it in my pantyhose. And sometimes it
want to stay in place.. 

Janet >>


	... Sue  :-)

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