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[IP] chrystal G.Horne

      Hi Crystal!
        I balieve Insulin Infusion Specialities has some sort of
garter- type thing to wear on your leg, and attach your pump to it. I
read somethuing in dIABETES FORCAST  about a woman exec. who "made" a
garter type thing for herself to use. Try calling 1-800-838PUMP and
maybe they can explain the garter thing to you. haven't tried it yet
myself. I look for clothes with pockets, and put the pump there,
without the case. I have cut small slits in the pocket fabric, and
slipped the syringe and tubing in that way. Then I place it back
inside of the pump.(Sorry about my typing, I'm still learning computer
         Remember, you are NOT alone!!!!
          BarbG 26yrsDM, pumping 5. email @ redacted

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