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Re: [IP] To the newbie pumpers...

i don't want to be a downer, but vickie's experience is not mine.  i have been
on the pump for 2 years and my bg's still go up and down because of the heavy
exercise i do and i am not quitting that.  when i don't exercise alot my bgs
are very predictable and my control is fairly smooth.  however, i love to
exercise and am not giving it up for smooth control.  i have also already
figured out my basal rate for ovulation and menstuation and dawn phenomenon so
i believe i understand my body in these situations, but not for exercise.  it
is a constant challenge and i have willingly accepted it.  however, i disagree
that control just works itself out.  i haven't found that to be the case at
all.  i like the pump because i feel better than i have ever felt and because
i feel more in control than previously, but my bg's still go up and down and
all around.  ellen
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