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[IP] To the newbie pumpers...

I've been pumping for 3 months today.  And for the first six weeks, I
thought I would be one of those rare people who never got this down
right.  In the last two weeks, my basals have worked out perfectly, my
carb to insulin ratio has finally (seemed) to be set, and I'm not riding
the roller coaster of REALLY low to 200 several tijmes each day.  So,
the message is:  It sometimes takes a while to work it all out, and whne
it does it's fantastic.
For instance, learning that Dawn phenomenon strikes me the hardest
between 7:00 and 9:00 allowed me to lower my nighttime basal and add a
second basal rate that's higher between those hours.  I was going nuts
waking up with a bg of 44.  Now I wake up between 80 and 110 -- like
Hang in there, new pumpers.  I think your body needs to accept that this
is the way it's going to be from now, so it might as well get used to
Vicki Mcdonald
New Haven, CT

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