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[IP] Fast Take meter

I also got a free fast-take.  I have had only one problem, and that was
I left it in my pick-up overnight, and though it hadn't got that cold
that night it wouldn't give me a reading while traveling to work in the
a.m.  The meter read Lo--.  I also left it in the back seat out of the
sun, and window slightly open, and tried for a reading to get the
opposite it said Hi--.  Neither time would it take blood, so it didn't
give a false reading, just wouldn't give one.  I warmed the meter in the
A.M. and held it against my leg and hand for 2 min. and it worked fine.
When it wast hot, I took it out and set in the shade, and it was a tad
bet longer for it to come around, maybe 5 min., but then it worked fine.
It seems that it is quite sensitive to temp, but small enough that that
can be remedied easily enough.  My $.02 worth. Laurie B.
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