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Re: [IP] I am a PERSON, not just a diabetic

On  1 Jun 98 at 11:09, email @ redacted wrote:

> I've had a different experience with my pump than mentioned by Randall and a
> few others i.e.  "That is one of the great things about pump therapy - it lets
> us get our identities back... as people instead of walking medical 
> conditions..."
> Granted, I was not into intensive therapy as I am on the pump, but now my
> diabetes is more noticable. I went to visit a friend (since second grade) who
> had not seen my pump, yet. I spent a good portion of the weekend testing and
> bringing down a high after a crab and hush puppy dinner (Maryland). I used to
> take a shot and go. She even asked if I needed the hospital at one point. And
> she made a point of showing me where the hospital was located. And actually, I
> was rather glad she took notice, I've experienced more lows than I ever did
> prior to the pump. Of course, I'm closer to normal levels than ever so that
> makes sense. But the bottom line is . . . I feel more like a walking medical
> condition now then before.
> Guess, everyone's experience is different.

That's what we need to convince the "professionals" - that each 
person will respond differently to a "packaged solution" such as the 
pump.  Pre-pump I was always either too high or too low, and the only 
time I tested between 80 and 150 was when I caught it in on the way.  
It wouldn't stay there for more than a short while.  Last week I took 
some vacation - and even took a "vacation" from the diabetes routine 
by cutting back the testing to only five times a day...  It was nice 
to be able to go for five or six hours and not have to think about 
"am I going up or down..."   

I've had fewer lows on the pump - now if I can get things back on an 
even keel after being sick I'll be in good shape.  I've had to up my 
basal rates since I was sick and am still fine tuning them again.  
The doctor and I both think it is a combination of recovering from 
pneumonia and the somertime metabolism shift...  plus an extra layer 
of stress from when I walked into my office and saw the pile of stuff 
that had accumulated while I was out...

Randall Winchester

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