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Re: [IP] Improve the 507 ??????

> From: Sue W <email @ redacted>
> Hi Janet, MiniMed markets a "Bra Pouch" that is made out of flannel and
> attaches to your bra with a small piece of velcro.  Makes a great place
> to hide your pump when you have on a dress.  It costs about $10 US.

Ok, I'll bite. The last time we had the "hide the pump in your bra"
discussion, the suggestions were all about putting the pump between your
breasts. For me, the pump shows through my shirt/dress when I do that (and
I'm not flat, to put it mildly).  I've also tried to stick it under the
strap, but then it's even more obvious.

Where exactly do you put the pump so that it doesn't show? I assume you've
tried this and it works for you?

Mostly I haven't pursued the bra option because I like having the pump
accessible. I generally keep it clipped to my belt. But when I dress up, at
the moment, I'm stuck putting it in my pantyhose. And sometimes it doesn't
want to stay in place.. 

email @ redacted
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