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Okay I feel a bit weird posting this to such an incredibly large number of
pumpers and I sure do hope since I just started pumping 8 days before I did
this last saturday that I did it right, but it seems pretty silly to have
this up on the web if nobody can use it. If you want to see what a "tender"
set (disetronic infusion set) looks like being inserted, there is a set of 6
pictures located at http://beatles.andinator.com/~skotrat/diabetes/pump/
(look at them in reverse order). It will help (maybe) explain what it
"looks" like...I had a great deal of trouble and pain the first 2 times
until another pumper suggested I not insert it so high up (I was inserting
it right below the rib cage) and now it really IS virtually painless to
insert! I too am happy to have that roll of fat be put to good use hehehe

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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