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Re: [IP] I am a PERSON, not just a diabetic

I've had a different experience with my pump than mentioned by Randall and a
few others i.e.  "That is one of the great things about pump therapy - it lets
us get our identities back... as people instead of walking medical 

Granted, I was not into intensive therapy as I am on the pump, but now my
diabetes is more noticable. I went to visit a friend (since second grade) who
had not seen my pump, yet. I spent a good portion of the weekend testing and
bringing down a high after a crab and hush puppy dinner (Maryland). I used to
take a shot and go. She even asked if I needed the hospital at one point. And
she made a point of showing me where the hospital was located. And actually, I
was rather glad she took notice, I've experienced more lows than I ever did
prior to the pump. Of course, I'm closer to normal levels than ever so that
makes sense. But the bottom line is . . . I feel more like a walking medical
condition now then before.

Guess, everyone's experience is different.
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