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[IP] Fast Take problem

Well, I finally bought a Fast Take meter (after all the hype on this list
:-).  I had a coupon for a rebate, but it turned out that there was one in
the box anyway.  It indeed is nice and small.   However, I have not been
pleased its reliability, and am returning it.  The problem is that I find
the readings very inconsistent, especially if you attempt to use the
smallest amounts of blood (which is one of its supposed advantages).   For
example, I got a reading of 40, and then repeated it with more blood and
got 167.  A small drop reading of 28! was actually 89,  etc.  This "low
volume" problem also exists with my Elite, but the BIG advantage of the
Elite is that you can visually see on the strip if you have enough blood.
With the FastTake strips there is no visual indication, and so when the
meter starts counting down you don't really know if you have enough blood.
So I'm back full time to my Elite, which is only slightly larger, and also
is being given away free with a call to 50/50 Pharmacy (800 7467 5050), and
they also send you a free male or female (your choice) Rufus bear with the

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