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Re: [IP] Medicare, Animas and Tandem t:slim X2

As far as Programming and Operation it was very Simple Transition, the only
issue I had was changing to Novolog from Apidra, but with the G6 it has
been much easier.  If the Pink Screen does become an issue let me know. I
have another Ping with Pink Screen and another without and would be happy
to help you out rather than you going to "The Dark Side"  :-)   I even have
a Disetronic h-Tron somewhere which would be better than....

On Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 11:16 AM SM Beggs <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Thanks George!   I'm going to be very optimistic since I have had so few
> issues with my Animas pumps.    I was really shocked when I realized the
> case had cracked because I didn't turn the battery cover very tight.   The
> display on the Ping is pink and hard to see in lots of light but I can
> manage that.    I live in the southwest (very hot!) so I use NovoLog.   I'm
> allergic to Apidra and although I spent a lot of years using Humalog the
> NovoLog works better here.   Did you feel the transition to the Tandem was
> fairly easy?   Great to know how well you have been able to manage and how
> much it has reduced the lows.   That's a big problem for me.   / Shirle
> I

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