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Re: [IP] Medicare, Animas and Tandem t:slim X2

Thanks George!   I'm going to be very optimistic since I have had so few
issues with my Animas pumps.    I was really shocked when I realized the
case had cracked because I didn't turn the battery cover very tight.   The
display on the Ping is pink and hard to see in lots of light but I can
manage that.    I live in the southwest (very hot!) so I use NovoLog.   I'm
allergic to Apidra and although I spent a lot of years using Humalog the
NovoLog works better here.   Did you feel the transition to the Tandem was
fairly easy?   Great to know how well you have been able to manage and how
much it has reduced the lows.   That's a big problem for me.   / Shirley

On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 2:40 PM george lovelace <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> If your Ping works......
> I sure wouldn't go to learning 2 new pumps.  I changed from my Ping (and
> still have it as a backup) to the Tandem X2 and it was worth waiting.  I
> got very lucky to upgrade to the Dex G6 so I am able to run Basal-IQ.  That
> was a big boon for me as I had been using Apidra in the Ping but the Tandem
> appears to only work with Humalog or Novolog (Fiasp didn't work for me) and
> I'm one of the 6% that can't use Humalog.  The Basal-IQ has allowed me to
> be more aggressive with Basal/Boluses and my TIR is above 76% with No
> Severe Lows and Lows at less than 1%.  I've had so much H3LL dealing with
> that other company, I've tried doing business with them for over 20 years
> but they always fail.
> Good Luck, I'm sure that Ping will carry you through to Nov. but if not
> contact ME, not M/MM
> Dxed in 64 at 15 yrs of age so I've been T1 55 yrs.
> On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 11:01 AM SM Beggs <
> email @ redacted> wrote:
> > I've been trying to keep track of the IP emails about those who are still
> > using an Animas insulin pump and need to or have replaced it.  I am on
> > traditional Medicare with a supplement (Medicare pays 80%/BCBS supplement
> > pays 20%).    My Animas VIBE cracked near the battery cap last night and
> > will not now acknowledge the new battery.  I had an old PING and can't
> > believe that after almost 5 years in the closet it came to works!  The
> > screen is funky but I can read it well enough for now.
> > My question is - my warranty on my Animas VIBE doesn't end until Oct. 27,
> > 2019.   According to the Tandem rep I called he said I can't get a new
> > Tanden t:slim X2 until after that date.   What have others on Medicare
> done
> > about getting a new pump if you have been using an Animas pump?    The
> > Tandem rep said that since I could get a replacement for my VIBE from
> > Medtronic for their pump I would have to use that until my warranty is
> out.
> >    I really don't want to have to go through learning two new pumps!
> > Shirley Beggs, diagnosed age 5, 1954, 65 years T1
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