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[IP] Medicare, Animas and Tandem t:slim X2

I've been trying to keep track of the IP emails about those who are still
using an Animas insulin pump and need to or have replaced it.  I am on
traditional Medicare with a supplement (Medicare pays 80%/BCBS supplement
pays 20%).    My Animas VIBE cracked near the battery cap last night and
will not now acknowledge the new battery.  I had an old PING and can't
believe that after almost 5 years in the closet it came to works!  The
screen is funky but I can read it well enough for now.
My question is - my warranty on my Animas VIBE doesn't end until Oct. 27,
2019.   According to the Tandem rep I called he said I can't get a new
Tanden t:slim X2 until after that date.   What have others on Medicare done
about getting a new pump if you have been using an Animas pump?    The
Tandem rep said that since I could get a replacement for my VIBE from
Medtronic for their pump I would have to use that until my warranty is out.
   I really don't want to have to go through learning two new pumps!

Shirley Beggs, diagnosed age 5, 1954, 65 years T1
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