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Re: [IP] RE: Insulin Resistance

Robert - as George suggested, you may want to review your carbs and try to
downsize.  I would suggest more protein in your meals.  This will make your
insulin work better for you.  Try some of the recipes suggested on
Bright_Spots_and_Landmines_by_Adam_Brown.  He is at Diatribe and has some
good ideas.  Also, have you read "Think Like a Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner?
I personally would opt for more practical natural remedies before turning
to more drugs.  Also, if you are physically able, take a walk around your
block/subdivision after a meal, even five minutes will improve your insulin
sensitivity..  .Best wishes

On Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 12:42 PM Adam Brock <
email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Have you considered trying Victoza or Bydureon? Those slow down the
> digestive
> process, and result in a more steady BG rise after meals instead of a huge
> spike. My BG usually only rises about 100 points after a meal when I am on
> Victoza, 150 or so on Bydureon.
>  You will need to titrate up the Victoza and start with a small dosage for
> a
> week or two (.6 mg). If you take too much too quickly you'll have about 18
> hours
> of vomiting and awful nausea. However, I think it's a really great
> medicine.
>  4 hours, IMO is actually on the low side of insulin reaction. Mine is
> rather
> high at 6 hours.
>  To me this doesn't sound like insulin resistance. We would need to know
> your
> insulin to carb ratio and 24 hour basal to know if you are experiencing
> insulin
> resistance. If that were the case I would suggest metformin.
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>  From: email @ redacted <
> email @ redacted>
> On Behalf Of Robert Braunstein
> Sent: Friday, July 5, 2019 10:15 PM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Insulin Resistance
> I ve been a T1 diabetic for 37 Years and on a pump for 23 Years using
> Humalog.
>  Starting at age 16 I started becoming very brittle with huge swings in my
> Blood
> Sugars with no discernable pattern. Even after I was on the pump I still
> had the
> swings but they were more controllable.
>  Over the last few years it seems my body is taking a long time to react
> to my
> Boluses. Approximately 10 months ago, I switched to the Dexcom G6 CGM
> because
> the Minimed CGM did not give me good information to make immediate
> adjustments.
> The trend I am seeing is that no matter what I eat for meals within 10
> minutes
> my Blood Sugar jumps very high.
>  For example last Friday my Blood sugar prior to breakfast was 67. My
> typical
> breakfast on weekdays is 2 pop tart pastries with a total of 70 carbs I
> bloused
> 10 minutes before eating. Within 5   10 minutes my Blood Sugar was up to
> 190 and
> by 20 minutes in the 250 s. Usually my Blood Sugar does not start
> decreasing
> until approximately 4 hours after the Bolus. I have noticed also a
> 4 hour time after doing a correction for high sugar for my body to react.
>  Since Humalog has about a 4 hour life the thought of insulin resistance
> came to
> my mind.
>  Since there is no endo near me I have been asking my primary care doctor
> regarding Insulin Resistance if it could be a possibility and is there
> some sort
> of test or way to determine if this is happening.
> The answer I got is basically not sure if there is one for T1 Diabetes.
>  Also I was referred to their Pharmacist who supposedly is an expert on
> Insulin,
> pumps, & CGM she was not familiar with the Dexcom CGM, but only wit the
> Minimed
> cgm. She is trying to blame it on Saturated fats because I eat Pop Tarts
> for
> Breakfast. Most my meals have very little fat and Pop Tarts are my only
> vice.
>  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues and what if
> any
> thing was suggested. One thing I am considering is changing Insulin to
> Fiasp
> because it has a faster active start. But I am concerned because I have
> been on
> Humalog for a very long time.
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